NVMe VPS Review

Russian VPS starting $1.38/mo | 5 LOCATIONS

offer quality VPS service since 2006 year. We offer best KVM VPS service on NVMe / SSD and HDD. Changing VPS OS / IP / location / configuration at any time available from billing panel. Flexible configuration. AliPay and UnionPay accepted. Crypto-coins (BTC BCH LTC) accepted. 5 locations available.

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High Performance KVM VPS from NexusBytes

High Performance KVM VPS!

Hosted on AMD Ryzen systems with NVMe disk storage that has no brakes and 1Gbps+ lightning fast port speeds. NexusBytes also offer a number of perks that comes with their services, including various free licenses and additional free NAT servers for you do host lightweight services and storing backups.

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Russian NVMe VPS JUST $1.95/mo with 200 MBit UNLIMITED bandwith | Proxy firendly

JustHost.ru offers quality VPS service since 2006. They offer the KVM VPS service on NVMe / SSD and HDD with unlimited bandwidth and are friendly for VPN and proxy services. Their VPS specs are adjustable, you can choose how many CPU cores you want and how many RAM spaces you want, etc.

Here are some of the highlights included in this offer

  • NVMe & SSD on all locations
  • IPv4 + IPv6
  • 15-days money back
  • UNLIMITED 200 Mbit bandwidth
  • 20% OFF with promocode
  • Flexible KVM VPS configuration
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User rating: 9.55

Special Offer

NVMe plans from $1.95

UNLIMITED 200 Mbit bandwidth

NVMe & SSD on all locations

Flexible KVM VPS configuration

English/Chinese/German/Russian support available

VPN and Proxy friendly


No English website (Google translate does the job)

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