High Performance KVM VPS from NexusBytes

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Summary High Performance KVM VPS from NexusBytes

High Performance KVM VPS!

Hosted on AMD Ryzen systems with NVMe disk storage that has no brakes and 1Gbps+ lightning fast port speeds. NexusBytes also offer a number of perks that comes with their services, including various free licenses and additional free NAT servers for you do host lightweight services and storing backups.


High Performance

Free Blesta Billing Software

Free NAT Backup VPS

Free Windows server license


No IPv6 in German location

Perks Amazing perks come with NexusBytes

  1. Free Blesta software (A popular customer management, billing, and support system for hosting services)
  2. Free Windows server edition license
  3. Free additional NAT-based VPS for backup.
  4. Affordable Directadmin license.

Locations A number of locations in USA and German

Here's a list of locations and their test IP as well as file downloading test

East Coast, USA

  • NYC Metro
  • 1G.zip

East Coast, USA

West Coast, USA

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • 1G.zip

Western Europe

NexusByte is actively adding more locations.

Prices Prices for Premium KVM NVMe based VPS

VPS ranges from 0.5 of RAM to 12G of RAM and prices goes from 2.00USD to 38.6USD.

VPS-0.5G 5 GB (10 GB*) 0.5 GB 1 Core @3.5GHz+(**) 500 GB @100Mbit 1 From $2.00 / Month

VPS-1G 15 GB (20 GB*) 1 GB 1 Core @3.5GHz+(**) 1000 GB @1Gbit 1 From $3.20 / Month

VPS-2G 30 GB (40 GB*) 2 GB 2 Core @3.5GHz+(**) 2000 GB @1Gbit 1 From $6.40 / Month

VPS-3G 45 GB (60 GB*) 3 GB 2 Core @3.5GHz+(**) 3000 GB @1Gbit 1 From $9.60 / Month

VPS-4G 60 GB (80 GB*) 4 GB 4 Core @3.5GHz+(**) 4000 GB @1Gbit 1 From $12.80 / Month

VPS-5G 75 GB (100 GB*) 5 GB 4 Core @3.5GHz+(**) 5000 GB @1Gbit 1 From $16.00 / Month

VPS-6G 90 GB (120 GB*) 6 GB 6 Core @3.5GHz+(**) 6000 GB @1Gbit 1 From $19.20 / Month

VPS-7G 105 GB (140 GB*) 7 GB 6 Core @3.5GHz+(**) 7000 GB @1Gbit 1 From $22.40 / Month

VPS-8G 120 GB (160 GB*) 8 GB 8 Core @3.5GHz+(**) 8000 GB @1Gbit 1 From $25.60 / Month

VPS-9G 135 GB (180 GB*) 9 GB 8 Core @3.5GHz+(**) 9000 GB @1Gbit 1 From $28.80 / Month

VPS-10G 150 GB (200 GB*) 10 GB 10 Core @3.5GHz+(**) 10000 GB @1Gbit 1 From $32.00 / Month

VPS-11G 165 GB (220 GB*) 11 GB 10 Core @3.5GHz+(**) 11000 GB @1Gbit 1 From $35.20 / Month

VPS-12G 180 GB (240 GB*) 12 GB 12 Core @3.5GHz+(**) 12000 GB @1Gbit 1 From $38.60 / Month

With yearly payment, you get better prices and larger NVMe SSD storage space.

Other features Other features by NexusBytes

High Performance

We operate one of the most advanced server networks in the world, complete with Anycast support and extensive DDoS protection.

Fully Redundant

Our hosting platform offers a 99.9% S.L.A backed uptime guarantee with full hardware and network redundancy to keep your services online.

Secure Infrastructure

All datacenters are Tier certified and provide advanced fire and intrusion protection combined with enterprise hardware.

Rapid Activation

To ensure that you are getting exactly what you signed up for, we personally and manually process, every single order within a couple of hours of a verified payment.

Dedicated Support

Our in-house support team is available 24/7 to answer all technical difficulties you may encounter with any of our products.

Powerful Control Panel

Our powerful control panel, allows you to manage every aspect of your product! From managing your website to reinstalling your VPS, everything is just a click away!